Cerritos College Vows Students Will No Longer Go Hungry

No Students Go Hungry Student Volunteer

Cerritos College’s  “No Students Go Hungry!” student service campaign against food insecurity had its final food drive for the spring 2019 semester on Tuesday afternoon.

Sponsored by the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, the Cerritos College Food and Housing Insecurity Taskforce has been able to foster a sense of community and advocacy for students who struggle with the pressures of balancing their academic endeavors and getting food on the table.

“The research shows that a lot of community college students suffer from food and housing insecurities that is why we have created the task force here at Cerritos College to meet the basic needs of students.” says Henrietta Hurtado, extended opportunity program and services counselor and instructor.

The task force seeks to improve student abilities to easily access vital resources such as food and housing. Health service events like these enable students to become more successful in their academic endeavors and environments without the worry of these everyday necessities.

Henrietta Hurtado, EOPS Instructor and Counselor

“We have students that are coming to school without food in their stomachs and without basic needs,” Hurtado continues, “ No human being can thrive this way, so this is a resource much needed for our students and obviously the community because they are a product of our community.”

Cerritos College provides these resources once or more every month and students have consistently utilized these services. Many students consider the food drive to be a service that has helped them subside their financial worries in terms of food insecurity.

Kayla Pollard and Brittney Martin, computer science and child development majors, have visited the No Students Go Hungry event multiple times during their enrollment at Cerritos College.

Pollard says, “It’s really hard to manage money financially, so if I can get food it helps my family out a lot.”

Cerritos College Students Kayla Pollard (left) & Brittney Martin (right)

Many students carry the same sentiments, as many agree with the aid the food drive provides to them and their families.

“Resources like these help kids and students like myself so that they don’t have to spend money everyday. You can come pick up something here and stretch it out through the week.” Martin affirms.

Students can also visit the Student Health & Wellness Center for more immediate relief for food and other health services.

The No Students Go Hungry Event is available not only for students, but also to all community members who struggle with the same insecurities.

For more information, people inquiring about these services can visit the college website for more dates and details. The No Students Go Hungry Event will resume in the coming fall semester.

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