Food trendsetter of LA: Grand Central Market

With vibrant dishes and it’s industrial-themed interior design, Los Angeles has caught the attention of foodies at its center of all food vendors, the Grand Central Market.

There is an assortment of food to please the palates of each and every individual. Ranging from Texan-styled barbecue to vegan pho, there is no limit to what vendors offer at the market.

But the market isn’t only limited to these small food vendors. With such inclusiveness a candy shop, a spice shop and an open produce market is includes as well.

“The market shares a resemblance to a Disneyland of food.” -John Barrera

Because it’s considered as one of  LA’s tourist spots to embark on, piles and piles of people snake around other vendors as they wait in line just to order from Eggslut.

“On my days off work, I love to come by the market, which is at least once a week, and because there are so many options I then try expand outside of my comfort zone with trying something new each time,” said Avion Hicks, pediatrician and mother of two.

Hicks shared that she visited one vendor known as ‘La Tostaderia,’ where mexican seafood cuisine is served and who’s ceviche tostadas shares such popularity.

La Tostaderia is known for it’s signature shrimp ceviche tostadas wit a freshness of cucumber, lime and avocado. Photo credit: Guadalupe Zaragoza

As mentioned previously, the Grand Central Market upholds such an array of diversity that may go from Asian Cuisine to Salvadoran pupusas and from Germany’s currywurst to a falafel.

Perhaps if your sweet tooth is craving for some simple American favorites, visit Mcconnell’s Fine Ice Cream to get cooled off as the summer approaches. But no worries such classics are available at the market such as the infamous PB&J.

Among PB J LA’s menu includes a wild assortment of sandwiches and milks such as their signature almond and lavender milk or their Chocolate Haze sandwich and an Indian version of PB&J with mango chutney. Photo Credit: Guadalupe Zaragoza

Erica Roldan, employee for vendor PBJ LA, states that although it isn’t as busy in the mornings than it is in the afternoons, there PB&J’s are definitely the center of attention with their creative twists and alternatives.

“Our biggest competition is has to honestly be everyone,” mentioned Roldan, “They all have offer something which I consider as the three D’s which are delicious, divine and different in their own special way.”

Roldan concluded that the vendors become the most hyped up when there are special occasions to take place such as competitions and festivals.

The market is so diverse that includes various ethnic backgrounds such as Japanese food. Above is their fried chicken “bento box.” Photo Credit: Guadalupe Zaragoza

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