Chicken Fight


"Wings"by Another Pint Please... is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

There has been a question asked around the world for years as to which wing is better Wingstop or Buffalo Wild Wings. Now we have an answer its wingstop.

Chicken Wings are at the epicenter of every sporting event whether that be a showcase at a friend’s house or at the Super Bowl. One problem that seems to hit everyone around this time is where do you get the wings from Buffalo Wild Wings or Wingstop?

To compare the two wing giants we will look at meatiness, flavors, sides, price and deals.

When it comes to a good wing everything comes down to meatiness, wich is how much meat it on the bone. The more meat is on the bone the more flavorful the wing will be because the flavors can soak into the meat.

Comparing the two wings Buffalo Wild Wings has skinny little bones with very little meat and almost half the size of a Wingstop Wing. While Wingstop offers larger wings with a lot more meat.

Starting with flavors:

Wingstop Flavors
Mango Habanero
Original Hot
Brazilian Citrus Pepper
Louisiana Rub
Hickory Smoked BBQ
Lemon Pepper
Garlic Parmesan
Buffalo Wild Wings Flavors
Sweet BBQ
Salt and vinegar
Bourbon Honey Mustard
Lemon Pepper
Parmesan Garlic
Honey BBQ
Chipotle BBQ Seasoning
Spicy Garlic
Buffalo Seasoning
Asian Zing
Desert Heat Seasoning
Jammin Jalapeno
Thai Curry
Caribbean Jerk
Mango Habanero

Winning this category is Buffalo wild wings offering a total of 22 wings and 10 more than Wingstop.

The sides make wings a meal like french fries, veggie sticks, buffalo fries, cajun fries, cheese fries, baked rolls and cajun fried corn no matter what it is, it always comes down to the sides.

Wingstop known for their fries and being made with sugar bring a sweat and crispy crunch to the wings helping cool off a fiery mouth or help enhance the flavor.

Buffalo Wild Wings sides are no comparison to Wingstop offering flavorless things french fries, onion wings, mac and cheese, potato wedges, chips and salsa , cheese balls and buffalo chips.

Buffalo Wild Wings sides that are offered are a nice option to choose from but bring bland flavors and no originality to the their sides.

What takes over the hearts of most wing lovers are the deals and price of wings. Everyone loves walking into to get some wings and seeing a sign that says “Every Wednesday and Tuesday 60 cent wings.” and the best deals come from Wingstop. Offering group packs, individual combos and specials.

At Wingstop they offer small, medium and large deals which can feed two or more people in most deals and come with a drink. While Buffalo Wild Wings offer no real deals except for party menus and a special marked down price on boneless wings every thursday.


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