The end of Taco Tuesday?


"IMG_1425.jpg"by morgan.davis is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Del Taco’s has two new tacos being sold in stores, the Beyond Taco which is a vegetarian option and the Beyond Avocado Taco which is a vegetarian option which have recently become the highest selling taco in the franchises history.

The Beyond Taco contains vegan beef crumbles, lettuce, cheddar cheese and sliced tomatoes.

As for the Beyond Avocado Taco it contains same ingredients except Del Taco swapped out the cheddar cheese from the “Beyond Taco” for avocado. The taco includes vegan beef crumbles, lettuce, avocado and sliced tomatoes.

The two Tacos are both made with “Beyond meat” wich Del Taco stated on their website is determined to create juicy 100% plant-based ingredients to place the meat they use.

The “Beyond Taco” is claimed to have the same great meaty tacos but just made from plants. The ingredients obtained from the Del Taco website are yellow peas; coconut oil; ancho chili; onion; garlic; lime juice; oregano and cumin.

As for the plant-based protein it is exactly that , protein extracted from plants and inserted into the “Beyond meat”.

The “Beyond meat is also soy-free, however as stated on the website that the kitchen is not soy-free and is there for prepared in the same kitchen as the rest of the items on the menu. The restaurant cautions the risk of cross contamination.

A few people from the community shared their opinions on what they think of the new Tacos Del Taco is offering.

Cinue Acosta, 27 “The tacos are a great option for people who are trying to eat healthy I like them because they assured me that i can eat a taco without putting terrible things in my body cuz i work out alot and i would not want to waste all the time in the gym.”

Bill Murphy, 47 “I have mixed feelings because i like them and everything, they taste good but just the name Del Taco makes me feel weird because i’ve eaten Taco Bell for so long.”

Noemy Carrillo, 23 “I think its weird but a healthy option i prefer Taco Bell because of the deals but if people want something healthy here they go.”

Roberta Flores, 20 “I don’t like them i tried them the other day after seeing them on TV and im not sure if its because im used to Taco Bell but they tasted funny.”

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