Let’s not tie in trendy food and stay with the basics

Whether it’s savory or sweet, there are new creations invented every day, however, only a few standout since those few aren’t as creative as one might think.

We live in a generation where advanced technology has grown to have impacted the dishes that are created, but sometimes they aren’t as undeniably good as they were meant to be.

There are so many odd combinations that one has created that it definitely doesn’t leave one’s mouth as appetizing.

Who’s gonna stick to a plate of nasty ass peanut butter and jelly sandwich that’s topped off with horseradish? By the way, that does exist.

You see what I mean?

These dishes are even more irritating to hear that the are considered as inventive just because one person added an extra item to their dish.

For example, going back to the 50’s, remember when the legend Elvis Presley decided it would be a great idea to put bacon and bananas in his Peanut Butter and jelly sandwich?

Everyone definitely over hyped the sandwich and it wasn’t even that great, I can surely testify.

Well, one might say, “There actually are good dishes and food combinations, maybe you’ve just haven’t tried it and just judged the book by it’s cover.”

In complete honesty, I haven’t tried all the food in the world, but I can say that from further research, the majority share no take in this new group of dishes that are on the rise.

These trendy dishes are sometimes the complete opposite and are basic to the max.

Just because one person added colored brown sugar to churros does not mean it’s something big and new. Anyone can add food coloring to sugar, it isn’t hard.

That’s undeniably the worst part of these foods that are trending.

Here’s a little advice for anyone trying to make it in the food industry, try to not overwhelm your self with such a mess. Don’t worry about what the clientele believes in iconic as long as you feel your food has hit the mark.

The generation of today don’t really appreciate the sorts of delicious foods projected to them. They’d rather purchase the ones that seem weird to them so they can add it to their social media.

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