The Perfect Brunch Spot

When it comes to brunch time, it is crucial to find the right place for photos and food.

A little place in South Central Los Angeles called Bird’s Nest Cafe, is the go to brunch spot or just a go to spot to eat, with a nice background to take photos.

The Bird’s Nest Cafe is a go to spot for any time but specifically brunch.

They only have two locations that the cafe is open primarily in the Los Angeles area, one of the location is at 2106 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, California 90007, United States.

Even though they still serve the majority of their menu throughout the day, it is just nicer to eat their delicious food as an afternoon breakfast.

There is a variety of foods with each one being different from each other and the names of items are so unique and funny but once reading the ingredients it sounds so yummy.

Some of their items such as the Bail-Out sandwich and The Hangover burger were both so different but delicious and the sides were incredible.

Surprisingly the side order of salad was so unique because instead of tomato or any other vegetable in the mix, they added in watermelon into it and it actually tasted pretty good.

The little cafe on the outside and inside is nicely decorated with there being a wall that has all fake grass which makes it perfect for a cute background for photos of yourself or the food.

The addition of the purple Hawaiian flower to every dish makes the photo even cuter for Instagram or Snapchat.

Inside the location, it feels as if it is a library where one doesn’t need to scream over one another to speak but where everyone can talk comfortably with the person across from them.

However, the only difficult part about going to brunch at the Bird’s Nest Cafe is actually deciding on something to eat due to the countless options all sounding very appealing.

The Bird’s Nest Cafe has all the components for the best brunch, location, scenery, food, company and so much on.

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